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Adsrus -

Welcome to Adsrus! Since 1993, Adsrus has been working with restaurants and businesses across the country. We are proud to offer professional advertising services, utilizing some of the most effective forms of daily exposure such as placemat advertising, for just pennies a day!
We have produced hundreds of thousands of placemat ads for local businesses. Many of our customers are repeat customers. Their confidence with our incomparable value, along with our dedicated team of salespeople, designers and support staff, has helped our business grow into one of the largest of its type in America today.
Adsrus is unique, in the specialty advertising industry, as it owns and operates its own full color print shop. This helps us meet customer demand in timely fashion. This also helps our business clients to advertise effectively and massively, without massive expense.
In addition to restaurant placemats, we are able to offer a multitude of printing products to our customers. From full color business cards and brochures, menus, personalized placemats, books, labels and gift certificates, to postcards and flyers (up to 13"X19"), at competitive pricing if not significantly reduced. That's why we hope you'll rely on us. Not just for the value of our products, but for our expertise. We can print your placemats as well. Contact us for more information